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Port-au-Prince, Haiti Homes for Sale


 On the Gulf of Gonave Bay lies the capital of Haiti known as Port-au-Prince. The city was founded in 1749 by the French sugar planters. The city's layout is somewhat similar to that of an amphitheater; commercial districts are near the water, while residential neighborhoods are located on the hills. Port-au-Prince is the principal seaport and commercial center of Haiti. Port-au-Prince replaced Cap-Haitian as the capital of the old French colony Saint-Domingue in 1770 and was retained as the capital of the newly independent country of Haiti in 1804. You can find major manufactures in the capital including processed food, beverages, tobacco products, textiles, and building materials. Tourism and construction are also important to the city's economy. Port-au-Prince is the site of the State University of Haiti, National Palace, the National Library, the National Museum, the Archaeological Museum, the Art Center, a technical institute, and a polytechnic college. Other points of interest include the Basilica of Notre Dame, the Cathedral of Notre Dame and the French-built stone quay. 

Port-au-Prince is a large, vibrant city of markets, squares, museums, art galleries, historic monuments, hotels and restaurants. Champ-de-Mars is the main historical Park and place of the city. It is a popular place where people go to hang out with their friends, to enjoy themselves and to celebrate. You can encounter merchants selling variety of things including fritay, snacks, drinks, barbecue, and ice cones. There are nice tall buildings, fancy restaurants, beautiful hotels such as the Hotel Montana, art craft stores, and super markets such as Delimart aligned precisely which reveal the beauty of the urban landscape. While passing by one of the fancy restaurants Epi D’or, the smell and the savory of the exquisite food tassot, fish, and chips can make your mouth water.  The main attractions are Kaliko Beach, the luxury Hotel Montana, the supermarket Delimart, Epi Dor, and many other places. The city is full of life; bright colorful tap-taps dominate the streets, merchants lining up precisely selling variety things, people going to school, and work. Port-au-Prince is a vibrant, energetic city and full of daily activities.


Haitian Cities Description

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